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    Universal asphalt and concrete saw, MULTISAW

    A unique machine specifically designed for laboratory use to precisely cut Asphalt, Concrete and Rock samples
    • Suitable for Asphalt and Concrete samples
    • High rigidity and stability
    • Slab and prism of any shape and dimensions can be sawn without additional accessories (see table for maximum dimensions)
    • Jig for round cores, from 100 to 150 mm dia, length up to 300 mm
    • Unique clamping mechanism for cylindrical specimens minimizes specimen damage. Use of a sacrificial PVC tube produces a superior finish and minimizes edge chipping of asphalt samples
    • Easy spacer system allows precise preparation of beams or cores without the need for measurement i.e. 50 x 63 mm or 70 x 70 mm or other sizes
    • Manual advance and retraction of saw blade to home position
    • Motor mounted on twin chrome-plated steel rails with sealed bearings

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    Automatic programmable mortar mixers

    • Complete with stainless steel mixing bowl, EN beater and open-type sand hopper
    • Machine operated by a dedicated and easy to use in-built software
    • Digital mixer, user friendly interface with functional alphanumeric display 2x16 characters and keybord
    • The pre-defined procedures guide the operator in mixing operations according to Standards allowing manual introduction of sand by the top filling hopper
    • Continuously variable speed (VFD Variable frequency drive technology)
    • Either Standard or user defined speeds can be easily selected (also adjustable during mixing)
    • Blade/Planetary speeds adjustable from 30/13 to 380/165 rpm, depending on the mix consistency
    • Quick bowl mounting device
    • 3-points bowl supporting system allowing precise adjustment of the gap between bowl and beater
    • Possibility to create and recall user defined mixing procedures
    • Micro-switch preventing the machine to be started without bowl, and emergency stop button
    • Conforming to CE requirements
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    Automatic Vicat apparatus

    • New functional and ergonomic design based on the innovative CVi-TECH philosophy invented by CONTROLS througt the recent years
    • Advanced electronics technologies providing superior performances and total flexibility combined with simplicity in use
    • Easy-to-use double interface: local mode, with large size 4,3" touch screen color display, and remote mode, with PC
    • Supplied complete with PC software for data processing VICASOFT-BASIC
    • With PC software VICASOFT-PREMIUM (optional) up to 32 indipendent units can be connected to a single PC via LAN port and hub. All units are remotely controlled. Adopting the multi-test network concept laboratory productivity is maximized
    • Integrated graphic printer is available as optional accessory showing both results in numerical format and setting time plot
    • Easy setting and storage of user-defined test profiles allowing quick test start
    • Large accessibility to the test space
    • Practical in-water testing accessory (optional)
    • Automatic determination of initial and final setting time
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    MULTISPEED automatic universal tester with touch screen digital speed control and data acquisition

    • Stand-alone automatic digital load frame
    • Closed-loop speed control
    • Four channel on board data acquisition
    • CBR and MARSHALL test speed can be selected by default
    • Speed calibration function by firmware.
    • Integrated transducer calibration facility
    • Infinitely variable speed from 0.05 to 51 mm/min can be easily set by keyboard
    • Selection of maximum platen displacement with automatic stop
    • Rapid approach and return function, to reduce the testing time
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    Super-Automatic compression testers for cubes and cylinders AUTOMAX

    • Four column high stiffness welded frame tested for stability
    • Heavy duty spherical seat in lubricating oil bath • Automatic control of test execution conforming to Standards
    • Automatic performance of the complete test cycle with closed-loop digital feedback
    • Fully computerized system
    • Dual user interface display and PC
    • Accuracy Class 1 (EN) and Class A (ASTM) starting from 10% of full scale (from 1% on request)
    • Compatible with the new intuitive easy to use DATA MANAGER Software
    • Reduced power consumption and silent operation by ES Energy Saving Technologies
    • Double stage hydraulic pump with rapid approach: high throughput of tests (up to 40/hour)
    • Soft platen-to-specimen contact and smooth load rate from the ramp start
    • Double frame control as standard with optional control of additional third frame: active frame selection via console display or software
    • Optional internal graphic printer including Load-Time plot
    • Remote verification of settings and performances for malfunctions debugging
    • Storage of up to 10 test profiles for each channel for quick start 
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    Digital shear testing machine

    • Reversible stepping motor for residual strength test
    • Infinitely variable speed drive from 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/min
    • Compact ergonomic design
    • Safety device to prevent overload and overtravel
    • Rs 232 serial port for remote speed control
    • Can be equipped in the analogical or in the electronic mode with data acquisition and processing.
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    Triaxial load frame TRITECH

    • Ideal solution for advanced and research laboratories that require high productivity levels and high quality tests
    • Designed for soil testing laboratories conducting UU, CU, CD and stress path (compression/extension) tests
    • Due to the variable speed range, unconfined, CBR and Marshall tests can also be performed
    • Suitable for automatic PC-controlled triaxial testing (see AUTOTRIAX 2 system)
    • Allows dynamic tests to be performed when fitted with an actuator (see DYNATRIAX system)
    • Maximum compression capacity: 50 kN or 100 kN
    • Speed range from 0.00001 to 99.99999 mm/min
    • Maximum sample diameter (for triaxial testing): 150 mm
    • The quality of the design avoids vibrations that may affect the specimen
    • Large high-contrast 4 x 20-character display with 6-key membrane keyboard
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    Digital rebound test hammer

    • Test procedure conforming to EN 12504-2 and ASTM C805
    • Measuring range: from 10 to 130 N/mm2
    • Allows to generate customized test procedure
    • Storage capacity 2 Mb
    • Saves, displays and downloads data to PC via USB port
    • PC software included
    • Integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery of 1600 mAh and multi-voltage / multi-frequency battery charger
    • Measurement and indication of the exact instrument tilting angle by triaxial inclinometer
    • Multiple correlations between rebound index and compressive strength selectable by the user
    • These correlations can be also customized
    • Automatic conversion of rebound index to equivalent compression strength in MPa, N/mm2, kg/cm2, psi
    • Calculation of averages and standard deviations; discard of non-significant values
    • Immediate verification of compliance to the Standard in use
    • Battery life under continuous operation more than 10 hours
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    Research Ductilometer for Force Ductility test on standard and modified bitumen – PAVELAB SYSTEMS Ductimeter

    • Adjustable 5.7” touch screen colour graphic display
    • 8 independent input channels
    • Display of readings and graphs in real time
    • Compatible with load cells, pressure transducers, strain gauges, LDT/LVDT/potentiometric displacement transducers
    • Effective resolution: 131,000 points
    • Sampling rate up to 500 readings per second per channel via LAN and up to 10 readings per second per channel in local mode
    • Unlimited storage capacity with USB pen drive
    • Network configuration of up to 8 units (64 independent channels)
    • Contemporaneous data sampling of all channels in accordance to the programmable logging mode
    • LAN/Ethernet connection to PC via dedicated software (not included)
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    ACE – Automatic Computerized Oedometer

    • Fully automatic PC-controlled test execution
    • Three  conditions for the automatic switch to the next step are available: time, swelling, rate of secondary consolidation.
    • Testing can continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption giving greater throughput of tests with a considerable cost decrease
    • Automated loading eliminates negative factors such as operator error and manual handling of dead weights
    • 15kN maximum loading capacity, 10mm travel displacement transducer
    • Real-time data and graph display
    • Single ACE software installation controls up to 60 units
    • Test management software supplied including calibration facility
    • High speed LAN network communication
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    Universal core drilling machine

    • Full 360° operation for coring at any angle
    • Main column extendable in height up to 3850 mm
    • Robust and stable unit
    • Rack feed (drilling excursion) 1000 mm long
    • 3 working speeds
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    Triaxial load frame TRIAX

               MAIN FEATURES

    • Ideal solution for commercial laboratories a machine to perform high quality triaxial tests in addition to unconfinedand general purpose compression tests.
    • Designed for soil testing laboratories to perform UU, CU and CD triaxial tests on samples from 38 to 70 mm dia.
    • Maximum load frame capacity: 50 kN
    • Maximum testing load depending on the selected test speed (variable from 40 to 7 kN)   The choice of the opportune load cell capacity shall take into account this value
    • Speed range from 0.00001 to 50.8 mm/min
    • Large High-contrast 4 x 20-character display and 6-keys membrane keyboard
    • Maximum sample diameter (for triaxial testing): 70 mm
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