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Style & Design
Jersy Knit, Rib, Drop Needle, Diamond, Cable, Half Cardigan Stitch, Full Cardigan Stitch, Milano, Top Pine Apple, Drop, Auto Mine, Pointal, Biscuit-Diamond Combo, Fancy Cable, Allover Cable & other styles and designs offered by our valuable customers.
  Using Yarn
  100% Acrylic & Acrylic Blend,
100% Cotton & Cotton Blend,
100% Wool & Wool Blend, and all other yarns as per buyers requirement.
  Main Products
All kinds of Sweater, Scarf, Pullover, Cardigan Vest, Woolen Cap, etc. for Men- Women and Children.
  Production Capacity
  Yearly 155,000 dozens
Gauges: 3/5/7 & 12 *
  Country of Export
  USA, Canada, India and all European Countries.
  Source of Raw Materials
  From Local and Foreign Manufacturers
  Social Compliance
  All major buyers. Obtained Social Compliance Certificate from NUK-BKMEASCA Team.
  Working Hours & Weekly Holidays
  Working Hours:8:00 am. To 5:00 pm
Lunch Hours: 1:00 pm. To 2:00 pm.
Weekly Holiday: Friday / Monday.
  Employee Age Class
  Child Labour (upto 18 years) Nil
18-35 Years 88%
35-45 years 11%
45 and up 2%
  Ensured Facilities for Safety Health and Hygiene System
Strictly maintaining safety, health and hygiene provisions as per ILO’s and Bangladesh Labour Laws and Regulations. The following facilities are available for employee’s safety health and hygiene.

See Other Extra Facilities:

  • First Aid
  • Free Medical Service.
  • Baby Care Facilities.
  • Trained Fire Fighting Team.
  • Pure Drinking Water Facilities.
  • Hygienic Toilets and Urinals, etc.
  • Doctor/ Physician for Health Care.
  • Well Equipped Fire Fighting System.
  • The Company is a Smoking Free Zone.
  • The Company Respects the Right to form Joint Trade Union/Collective Bargaining Agent.

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