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  • vlf200
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    200 kV High Voltage VLF Test Set

    AC testing of cables and electrical apparatus is now easier than ever. With the introduction of the High Voltage, Inc. line of portable and affordable VLF hipots, there is now a practical method of field-testing various loads, particularly cables and rotating machinery. High Voltage, Inc. offers a full line of VLF AC Hipots from 28 kVac to 200 kVac with models that can test up to 50μF of load, cables from 150 feet to 90 miles in length and the largest of generators/motors. Use VLF for AC stress tests and/or our Tan Delta unit with our VLF as the voltage source for cable diagnostics.
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  • mobile_gc
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    Mobil GC – Portable Gas Chromatograph

    Mobil GC – Portable Gas Chromatograph Basic device with Windows control software for evaluating documentation and customer-specific settings, with Expert System for automatic Faultdiagnosis in Insulating Oils.
    • State of the Art Technology – Portable Gas Chromatograph
    • Available in different versions
    • Fully automatic measurement procedure
    • Fully compliant with ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567
    • Automatic sample injection
    • High Sensitivity through Vacuum Degassing
    • High Selectivity through Gas Chromatography
    • Highly sensitive detection of up to 11 gases
    • Suitable for Acceptance- Service- and Routine tests
    • Ideal for on-site measurements and also for laboratories
    • Direct analysis of Buchholz gases
    • Rugged case-waterproof for extreme environmental conditions
    • Expert System for quick and easy conclusions Evaluation according to: IEC 60599, Roger ratios, Duval etc.
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  • sampling_kit
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  • online_dga
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    Online Dissolved Gas Analysis

    Automatic on-line analysis of 11 gases The analysis is done in 2 steps with high selectivity and accuracy fully compliable with laboratory procedure.
    • Degassing of the taken oil sample through vacuum extraction ( acc. DIN/IEC 60567/567
    • Dissolved gas analysis through gas chromatography with TCD (thermal conductivity detector) , FID ( Flame Ionization detector) and Methanizer
    Both steps are synchronized by a micro-controller which guarantees a fast and reliable measurement routine.
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  • pocket_tritator
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    Pocket Titrator KF

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  • sigma_2000
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  • tdm4000
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    Tan Delta Test Set – TDM 4000

    The TDM-4000 is an automated instrument for measuring the electrical characteristics of transformer oil, insulating liquids & other insulating material samples. The TDM-4000 measures Capacitance, Dielectric Constant (Î), Dielectric Loss, Tan Delta (Dissipation Factor), Resistance & Resistivity of the test sample. The Tan Delta value gives an indication of the condition of the oil sample. There are several reasons due to which the Tan Delta value may be affected – such as moisture, dissolving of some of the transformer varnish, insulating material deteoriating etc.
    TDM-4000 is especially designed to work with the IEC & ASTM type oil cell with a 2mm spacing and will apply a stress in the range of 100-1200 volts per mm as recognized by ASTM and other specifications.
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  • top_toga
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    Dissolved Gas Analysis with automatic degassing unit According to IEC 567/ASTM 3612 Features and Benefits:
    • One-touch operation
    • Fully automatic procedure
    • Multi-periodic vacuum degassing
    • Full TOGA analysis (11 gases) and Total Gas Content
    • Automatic transfer of gas sample
    • Easy calibration of the whole system with traceable calibration gas
    • Accurate measurement of total gas content
    • Most sensitive detection for Acceptance- Service- and Routine tests (0,1ppm)
    • Adaptable for Factory Transformer Heat-Run tests
    • Ideal solution for laboratories and workshops
    • Auto-sampler available for 16 – 32 samples for unattended operation
    • Expert System for quick and easy conclusions Evaluation according to: IEC 60599, Roger ratios, Duval etc.
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  • gesamtgasgehalt-1
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    Total gas content

    Automatic analysis of the dissolved gases in oil-filled transformers The analysis is done in 2 steps which guarantee a very high selectivity and sensitivity of the determination of dissolved gases:
    • Gas separation by means of fully vacuum degassing ( accord. to DIN EN 60567, DIN IEC 599 and IEEE C57.104-1991) and display of results
    • Option: Subsequently to the determination of the total gas content a gas chromatographic analysis can be made
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