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Infrared Guided Measurment


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    FLIR Infrared Guided Measurement™ Technology (IGM)

    From the world leader in thermal technology, FLIR’s tools enhanced with IGM give you the power of thermal to quickly identify the precise location of potential problems. With IGM, identifying problems before they’re problems allows you to work faster, work smarter and get to the next job.

    Working without IGM is just called guessing

    What if you could identify the precise location of a problem that’s behind a wall? Under the floorboards? In the ceiling? Introducing FLIR IGM™, our thermal technology designed to save you time and keep you working and not guessing where to look. It can also ensure that you’re safe from potentially dangerous situations. Know where to start so you can finish!

    What is IGMTM?

    Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) uses the power of a FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor to guide you to the precise spot that may require further testing and investigation.

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