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Intelligent Transportation Systems


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    Safety and efficiency in public transportation

    Accidents caused by fire or by the careless behavior of people can lead to delays as well as severe damage to rolling goods and rail infrastructure. Thermal imaging cameras can detect many of these incidents in time and therefore help public transportation operators take the appropriate measures.

    Trackside monitoring

    By detecting people entering a railway tunnel or walking on an outdoor track, thermal imaging cameras can warn an operator with accurate information and position of the person.

    Vehicle detection at railway crossings

    Thermal cameras will detect vehicles that have come to a standstill at a level crossing and are blocking the passage for an oncoming train. This way, railway operators can be warned and accidents avoided.

    Fire detection in railway tunnels

    Thermal imaging can help prevent fires in tunnels, by detecting hot-spots or fires in an early stage. so they don’t have a chance to spread. This way, an early fire alarm can be triggered and fires can be avoided.

    Fire detection on train coaches

    Intelligent thermal cameras can see starting fires on train coaches much quicker than conventional smoke detectors. They can also avoid false alarms by filtering out unwanted events like cigarettes or lighters.

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    Traffic Management and Data Collection

    Traffic Data

    FLIR detectors provide standard traffic data -volume, speed, occupancy, classification, gap time, traffic flow speed, zone occupancy...- which can be used for statistical purposes.

    Flow Monitoring

    Congestion within and through the large metropolitan areas continues to increase and limit mobility. Accurately monitoring the average flow speed helps to distinguish different levels of service (e.g. fluid, dense, congested, queue). Other applications are queue monitoring during road-works and calculating travel time based on flow information from the VIP detectors.

    Automatic Incident Detection

    FLIR technology guarantees fast detection of stopped vehicles or wrong-way drivers which speeds up intervention and thus saves lives.

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    Tunnel Traffic Monitoring

    Tunnels are probably the most dangerous of motoring environments. A traffic incident can quickly escalate into a major tragedy: people being trapped in a tunnel with no chance to escape! More and more traffic managers are now convinced that investments in incident management are absolutely necessary. As they know, effective incident management can save lives!

    Effective incident management completely depends on fast incident detection and fast incident verification! Every minute lost heightens the risk of having another accident and drastically increases the time to clear the accident.

    Through real-time analysis of images of the camera, FLIR's tunnel incident detection module is able to detect all major incidents within seconds: stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, queues, slow moving vehicles, fallen objects, ... This short time to detect and fast incident verification can seriously reduce the impact of the incident and prevent secondary accidents.

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    Vehicle presence detection for intersection control

    FLIR video detection technology is a highly reliable and accurate alternative to loops and other detection technologies for signalized intersection control and management. Traficon’s integrated TrafiCam sensor provides information on the presence of vehicles approaching or waiting at the intersection.

    Pedestrian presence detection

    FLIR's pedestrian presence detectors SafeWalk and C-Walk are able to give pedestrians the appropriate green time and visibility, so mobility and safety of both motorists and vulnerable road users is guaranteed.

    Queue detection and data collection

    Intelligent sensors and boards are a cost-effective solution to gather traffic data, monitor traffic flow and emulate or simulate loops on highways and inter-urban roads. They can be used for temporary or permanent applications to collect all relevant traffic data such as volume, speed, occupancy and classification on multiple lanes, day and night and in all weather conditions.

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