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Agentase™ C2 Chemical Agent Disclosure Spray

Agentase™ C2 Chemical Agent Disclosure Spray

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Agentase C2 chemical agent disclosure spray (ADS) is the most sensitive detection technology available and complements electronic sensors by providing the ability to map chemical agent contamination for emergency response missions, as well as aid in the decontamination of personnel or equipment after exposure to CWAs, specifically nerve agents (G- & V-series) and sulfur mustard (HD). Agentase C2 can be used at many stages of the hazard management process to minimize spread of contamination, while near real-time detection allows for early deployment of counter measures and evacuation before human harm or loss of life can occur.

Agentase C2 incorporates enzymes, commonly used as catalysts to create very specific reactions. After being sprayed directly onto a surface, the Agentase C2 enzymes react by changing color to red within 5 minutes of detecting CWAs. This color change reveals the specific location of contamination, making the invisible threat…visible. An optional fluorescent additive enhances the visual response when used with an ultraviolet (UV) light in poor lighting conditions. The forensic spray is translucent yet allows the threat to be seen under UV-light, a critical feature for covert operations.

Agentase C2 is multi-purpose and easy to use, offered in three applicator sizes based on mission requirements: handheld, man-portable backpack, and wide-area cart-based systems. The Agentase C2 spray is compatible with a large variety of materials and does not degrade sensitive surfaces. It can be rinsed away with water and contains no hazardous chemicals requiring special disposal consideration. Furthermore, chemical agents are not chemically changed by Agentase C2 . This allows for evidence collection and downstream forensic analysis of samples. The optional cold weather additive expands the mission into colder environments.

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Agentase C2 Features

  • Reliable – Ability to detect submicrogram (trace) levels of agents
  • Flexible – Offered in three applicator sizes based on mission requirements
  • Accurate – Reveals exact location of agent on surface to reduce decontamination costs
  • Fast – Rapid response (within 5 minutes)
  • Simple – Training completed in less than 1 hour

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