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Cable fault locating equipment

Cable fault locating equipment

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Cable fault locating equipment


The good care and life management of cables, of which cable testing figures prominently, can significantly improve a utility’sreliability indices. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to this large subject.

As a means to organise what amounts to quite a bit of subject information, cable testing can be separated into categories reflecting the end goal, including:

  •   Cable testing to prove the serviceability of the cable
  •   Cable diagnostics to assess the cable’s integrity/health and thereby predict its long-term viability
  •   Fault location to efficiently locate the specific failed part of the faulted cable


Cable fault location systems

The cable fault location process has multiple steps and it’s vital that it’s completed as quickly and safely as possible to minimise the time that customers are without supply. We manufacture a wide range of fault location instruments that have been developed to be easy to use.

Several very popular Megger cable fault locator products, including the EZ Thump, Smart Thump, and T3090, utilise the “E-Tray” interface that is very easy to use, easy to train on, and easy to remember how to use. The EZ Thump in particular is very popular for its ease of use and portability. The E-Tray adds the unique capability to access and operate every function through an innovative and intuitive user interface without the need to make adjustments, and the software suggests the next logical step.

Why buy from Megger?
Megger is the pioneer in the cosine rectangular methods which makes the ability to test very long cable lengths practical. Megger has been operating for over 100 years and our SebaKMT brand has over 60 years experience in developing and manufacturing cable test and diagnostic equipment.

From the most compact reflectometers (TDR) up to customised cable test vans built to customer specifications, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio for all imaginable problems.


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