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Chemical Agent Detection

Chemical Agent Detection

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Field Chemical Agent Detection Kit

Agentase C1 is an award-winning chemical agent detection kit (CAD KIT) that uses enzyme-based technology to rapidly detect class-specific agent contamination on a variety of surfaces. Emergency responders use the Agentase C1 sensors to conduct surface, solid and liquid interrogation for the presence of nerve (G&V series), blood (AC) and blister (HD) agents, acids, bases, aldehydes and oxidizers.

The Agentase C1 kit is provided in a small carry pouch weighing less than 1 lb and contains six sensors, which can be custom-configured for the emergency response mission requirement. The sensors do not destroy the sample and can be saved for eventual forensic analysis. The kit also includes a tool specifically designed to handle bulk samples.

The sensors are extremely easy to operate, requiring only a few minutes of training. They operate similar to a glow stick. The operator cracks the ampule inside the sensor barrel, which releases the enzyme solution into the sponge. The sponge is applied directly to a surface for sample collection. The simplicity of operation removes the need for recurring training. The label on the sensor provides color codes for reading the detection, which eliminates the need for operator manuals in the hot zone.

The Agentase C1 sensors are highly specific and extremely sensitive. They detect trace levels of hazards and are resistant to common environmental interferents, resulting in exceptionally low false positive and negative rates. Detection occurs within 5 minutes and the results are easy to read. This kit offers the speed and accuracy required for emergency response missions.

*Agentase C1 is formerly known as the Fido C1 CAD Kit

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  • Reliable – Sensitive to levels below what can affect the human body
  • Accurate – Extremely low false positive and negative rates due to unrivaled specificity
  • Simple – Training completed in less than 5 minutes, works similar to a glow stick
  • Fast – Detection results appear within 5 minutes
  • Complementary — Provides validation of results from orthogonal sensors

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