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MULTISPEED automatic universal tester with touch screen digital speed control and data acquisition
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MULTISPEED automatic universal tester with touch screen digital speed control and data acquisition

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  • Stand-alone automatic digital load frame
  • Closed-loop speed control
  • Four channel on board data acquisition
  • CBR and MARSHALL test speed can be selected by default
  • Speed calibration function by firmware.
  • Integrated transducer calibration facility
  • Infinitely variable speed from 0.05 to 51 mm/min can be easily set by keyboard
  • Selection of maximum platen displacement with automatic stop
  • Rapid approach and return function, to reduce the testing time

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The new automatic MULTISPEED 34-V1172 is a versatile stand-alone machine; an ideal solution for road testing laboratories and generally for any test that requires displacement/speed control. The 50kN capacity and fully variable speed of 0.05 to 51 mm/min make it possible to perform not only CBR and Marshall tests, but also many other applications such as indirect tensile, quick undrained triaxial and unconfined/uniaxial soil tests.

The MULTISPEED tester features a rigid two-column structure with an upper crossbeam which can be set at various heights. The load jack, DC motor and controls are housed in an ergonomic cabinet. Automatic control of the test speed/travel is ensured by the microprocessor. Prior to the test, the operator can impose travel limits for automatically ending the test. No external transducer is required for displacement measurement. The firmware allows performance of transducer calibrations and setting of up to 10 test profiles, saving data onboard. A real-time test graph and transducer data are displayed on the touchscreen. The machine has built-in data acquisition with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test. An important feature is provided by the processing unit that controls the speed in a closed-loop mode, avoiding speed calibrations and tension fluctuation effects. The user-interface is a  large touchscreen graphic display supplied with a stylus pen. The front panel is fitted with an emergency button for prompt stopping of the machine.
Test data can be stored on a USB pen drive or downloaded through a LAN communication port in Controls, txt or ASCII format. All the accessories have to be ordered separately.

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