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Universal asphalt and concrete saw, MULTISAW
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Universal asphalt and concrete saw, MULTISAW

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A unique machine specifically designed for laboratory use to precisely cut Asphalt, Concrete and Rock samples

  • Suitable for Asphalt and Concrete samples
  • High rigidity and stability
  • Slab and prism of any shape and dimensions can be sawn without additional accessories (see table for maximum dimensions)
  • Jig for round cores, from 100 to 150 mm dia, length up to 300 mm
  • Unique clamping mechanism for cylindrical specimens minimizes specimen damage. Use of a sacrificial PVC tube produces a superior finish and minimizes edge chipping of asphalt samples
  • Easy spacer system allows precise preparation of beams or cores without the need for measurement i.e. 50 x 63 mm or 70 x 70 mm or other sizes
  • Manual advance and retraction of saw blade to home position
  • Motor mounted on twin chrome-plated steel rails with sealed bearings

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