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SMH Agro


SMH Agro is the groups green investment towards a more responsible and better environment.

On the other side there is also a plantation of mango production (20%). Both products are export quality but they also have good demand in the local market.

The company invested in 100 acres of land 40 km from the Chittagong (port) for agricultural production. The project started in 2004 with plantation of Rubber Trees (70%), which gives out twice the times of oxygen than most other plants and valuable rubber in raw form. Raw extracted rubber is widely used in Tyre, medical and footwear industry. The group is also doing r&d on possibilities in vertical investment.


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We want the experience of warmth and caring to extend beyond our Agro products and into every community where we live and serve. Our Agro Products throughout the UK and Local Markets serve their communities through a variety of local efforts, such as delivering products in times of need and sponsoring a range of charity and school events.

Total Rubber Tree
Total Mango Tree
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Rubber Garden

60 Princess Road Kanja, Chitagong,Bangladesh

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Mango Garden

48 Razabari Road Langa, Chitagong,Bangladesh

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